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Maple Syrup Tarts


This is a great seasonal recipe for maple syrup fans. Not as cloyingly sweet as the ubiquitous butter tart, they are made with pure maple syrup and walnuts, although other nuts, fruit or nothing at all can be added. Less than one cup of syrup makes two dozen small tarts.

Maple syrup season is just winding down now. We got an early start this year, and the quality of the syrup seems better than ever – either that or we are just becoming pros. I still have some to use up from last year so decided it was high time to invent some recipes.

Most recipes for maple tarts use a combination of white and/or brown sugar along with the syrup, but I wanted mine to be pure maple. Even so, I didn’t use that much, a mere 200 ml,  and the flavour of maple is so much better on its own. Some recipes also called for flour or cream, neither of which I wanted. So the recipe I came up with is as simple as it gets – just syrup mixed with eggs, a splash of cider vinegar to cut the sweetness, and walnuts. A really good pastry is a must, but whatever crust pastry you like would work well. I have been following a recipe from Married with Cauldron, much the same as mine but I find it is actually easier and better with the measurements given in weight rather than volume. I also replaced a bit of the water with lemon juice. dsc00438.jpg

Maple Syrup Tarts

For the pastry

175 grams butter or lard

225 grams flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp of lemon combined with enough cold water to make 120 ml.

Cut the shortening in the flour and salt until you have a crumbly mixture. Gradually add the cold liquid, stir and pull together into a ball. Cover and refrigerate for an hour before rolling out on a lightly floured surface. Cut into rounds, set them into muffin tins and chill in the refrigerator while you make the maple filling.

For the Filling

200 ml syrup

2 eggs

1 tsp cider vinegar

3/4 cup walnuts

Beat the eggs well. Add the syrup and vinegar and beat again. Place walnuts (chopped or whole) into the chilled tarts, then fill with the syrup mixture. Bake in a 350 F oven for about 30 minutes.

DSC03350This recipe makes 2 dozen small tarts (2 in.) or 18 medium (3 in.).

Linked to: Fiesta Friday #166


Author: Hilda

I am a backyard forager who likes to share recipes using the wild edibles of our area.

20 thoughts on “Maple Syrup Tarts

  1. Hi Hilda. Thanks so much for the mention in your recipe. The tarts look incredible. I love maple syrup and would love to have it on tap, much like yourself. Unfortunately Irish maple don’t produce the quantities I’d quite like, if at all.

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    • I have been wanting to tap walnut, butternut or birch trees but don’t have any easy access to them. We get 8 litres from our two trees, but I would be happy with just one litre of another syrup just for the variety.

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  2. In Russia we used to drink birch sap – it was sold in tetrapaks. And here in Canada I have been able to buy the syrup. Quite a strong flavour but super for marinades and the like as well as the usual syrup uses. I have also read about people tapping all sorts of trees – I just need more trees.


  3. It sounds intriguing – like all of your posts, Hilda! How I’d love to have maple syrup on tap … just like Laura Ingalls Wilder!
    Happy Fiesta Friday!
    Ginger x

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    • And also roast pig tails, just like Laura and Mary. I couldn’t get roasted pig tails out of my mind for a long time, but where would you find pig tails?! Anyway, love the tarts, Hilda! My next favorite pie after the fruit pies are the nut pies/tarts. Pecan pies normally, but I can get used to walnut too. 😄

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  4. Were you able to get hold of autumn olive seeds? I collected seeds last Fall. Don’t really know how long they stay viable though, but if you want some, I have them.


  5. Oh, these look amazing! I have maple syrup waiting to be used and your recipe sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing, Hilda & happy FF.

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  6. There is nothing better than REAL maple syrup, so I’m sure that your tarts are wonderful, Hilda! I envy you being able to tap your own maple syrup!! 😀

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  7. I’ve never had these made with Maple Syrup! I love the bit of lemon in the tart shell!


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  8. These look lovely! So happy to have a Hilda recipe again!! Happy Mud Season…


  9. Great to see another edition of my favourite blog!!!

    Hope to see you soon and hope all well with the Cowan clan


  10. My husband would love these! I’ll have to give them a try on my next baking day!


  11. Waw, fresh maple syrup! How cool is that? I made your lovely tarts yesterday! So delicious! xxx

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