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Out with the Old, in with the Fermented


At this point in the holidays, some of us are looking for ways to render our indulgences somewhat healthful. These two shrubs are made with fermented ginger and apple. The ginger could be replaced with a dry ginger ale or better yet a ginger beer, but that would take the shrub out of it, which is the really healthful part. Likewise, the apple version could be made with cider vinegar. It is also worth noting that you could omit the alcohol, and that would be very healthful, but not to everyone’s taste.

Shrubs are usually made with vinegar and some kind of fruit syrup. They are delicious and definitely worth trying, but I find that using the liquids from fermented fruits are even better than the vinegar, and of course offer all the probiotics therein. If you have never fermented fruit before, this is a good reason to start. These are just two of my most favourites.

I have described the method for fermenting fruit scraps in the part on scrap vinegar in this post, and how to make the ginger ferment, called a bug, in this post.

These measurements each make one cocktail.

Cocktail #1: Apple Bourbon Shrub

1 part liquid from fermented apples

1 part bourbon

3 parts soda water

a splash of bitters (I used rhubarb bitter)DSC03333.JPG

Cocktail #2: Moscow Mule Shrub

2 ounces liquid from fermented ginger

3 ounces  soda water

1.5 ounces vodka

1 tsp lime juice

1 tsp maple syrup (or to taste)


As a Happy New Year greeting to all, I share this “Canadian Gothic” picture made with some of this glorious white stuff recently besnowed on us along with a few foraged bits and pieces.DSC03318.JPGLinked to: Fiesta Friday #152


Author: Hilda

I am a backyard forager who likes to share recipes using the wild edibles of our area.

20 thoughts on “Out with the Old, in with the Fermented

  1. You need to know this about me, Hilda. I could never omit alcohol and I have no idea how to ferment fruit. I guess I’ll have to look that up if I’m going to taste a Moscow Mule Shrub. 🙂 Happy New Year..

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  2. You’ve probably fermented fruit more often than you think – like every time fruit over ripens. However, the best way is just mixing a little honey with water and adding the fruit. I highly recommend it, and it is not gross like the over ripe fruit. Happy New Year to you with whatever drink you do choose to celebrate.


  3. Happy New Year to you Hilda!! I have never heard of shrubs, except for the ones that are growing in my back yard… but these sound very inspiring! I hope to try making all sorts of new things this year, and a shrub will be one of them.
    I love your snowy friends – we are experiencing our very first snowy New Year’s eve in so very long! All the best for 2017! 😀

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  4. I don’t know what I love more, Hilda, the drinks or the snowmen… Happy Fiesta Friday and have a wonderful 2017!

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  5. The snowmen look so adorable and the drink sound delicious! Thanks for sharing at this week’s FF and I wish you the best of 2017! x

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  6. That’s it, I shall ferment in 2017! Not sure why but I have avoided it but am not quite sure why! Some great sounding drinks with interesting flavors .
    Love the snowmen! We haven’t had snow here for a few years but then it always causes so miuch chaos!
    Happy New Year! 🙂 x

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  7. You are such an accomplished cook, Petra. I think you would find fermenting a super technique to add to all your skills. I’ve only been doing it a couple of years, but I am completely hooked. Happy New Year to you too!


  8. Confused with ‘shrub’ but I’ve learnt it. Both sound good and very curious about fermented ginger! Happy New Year Hilda!

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  10. Hi Hilda! I have tried ‘shrubs’ in two different restaurants and they were just disgusto! The shrub was vinegar and the other ingredients were not to be tasted. Your recipes look good. There wasn’t any booze in these drinks either…

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    • I have to admit that I have not tried any in restaurants. I did buy something called a ‘gut shot’ in a bottle which was the juice of a ferment – very spicy and vinegary and meant to be mixed with alcohol or whatever but I just drank it straight. I liked it but mine are just as good and a lot cheaper. I hope you have the chance to have a good one some time.

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  11. A lovely enjoyable post, dear Hilda! Happy 2017 to you & your lovely family! xxx

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  12. I keep meaning to make some shrubs, after reading this I really will get on with it this year. Loved the Canadian Gothic. 🙂

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