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Foraged Wrappings


The presentation of gifts is an important part of the act of giving at this time of year, but it doesn’t hurt to be mindful of the waste we are creating and the fact that it is not necessary to use non-biodegradable papers and bobbles. This year I am using plain brown wrapping paper which if not reused can at least be composted. I have collected a few sprigs from the garden, and that combined with some ribbons I’ve collected over the years and snippets of disintegrated decorations serve well as wrapping.

If you are mailing and preparing things in advance, a stamp, pencil or a little paint will do well to brighten up the brown wrapping, but if you have the luxury of last-minute preparations, the things you find in the woods or garden are appropriate for the season, especially when you consider that is exactly what all the store-bought items are trying to mimic.


I have used red dogwood branches, sprigs of pine and cedar, cones, unidentified dried flowers and euonymus. Flowering grasses, silver dollars, nuts and holly, to name just a few, would also be good.




I did collect some beautiful twine for wrapping and a few other interesting bits, but they somehow got thrown out during a clean-up. Next year I’ll be more careful!

As for any leftovers, especially the evergreen, just pop them in a pot of water along with some spices and bits of citrus, heat on the stove as I did in this post, and you will have a beautiful potpourri to make you house smell super festive.

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Author: Hilda

I am a backyard forager who likes to share recipes using the wild edibles of our area.

22 thoughts on “Foraged Wrappings

  1. Lovely ideas – I remember using the brown paper bags we use to get from the grocery store (before I bought all of my reusable bags) to wrap gifts. The family enjoyed how frugal I was!!!

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  2. Wow!! Those look amazing. Good on you!! Such a good idea!

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  3. Hilda you are a very creative Lady, great ideas as always. I will try this for this season. Thank you so much for sharing it at Fiesta Friday. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Holidays! 🙂

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  4. I’d want to keep the present in tact and not spoil the decoration!


  5. How pretty and creative. 🙂

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  6. Great ideas! Looks like professional wrapping 🙂


  7. Very creative and truly from the heart. Happy Holidays to you and yours, dear Hilda! 🙂


  8. Happy Holidays to you too Fae.


  9. What a brilliant idea, your presents look so pretty. Going to start saving ribbons & scraps of material for next year’s presents. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  10. Beautiful wrapping. I love how you incorporated what’s naturally around and festive. Definitely keep this idea in mind for next year:)


  11. Gorgeous presentation, Hilda!


  12. So beautiful, Hilda! I bet they smell wonderful too! 😀

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  13. I really like your ideas. I am often dragging small branches and greens home from my photo walks for inspiration. Now here’s something fun and pretty I could do with them.

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