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Shut up and Fish

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Ice Fishing Hut on Sheffield Lake

I am thinking of taking up ice fishing. Especially when I am out on a frozen lake and the sun is shining, I think it is the quintessential Canadian winter pass-time and one I might actually be able to do. I think about bringing a lawn chair, a thermos of hot drink, bundling myself up, and then just taking in all the beautiful scenery around. I know there is more to it than that, but these the most important aspects.

This is the kind of set-up I have in mind, with chair, and sun.


With the idea of doing a little research on the art of ice fishing, this past weekend I dropped by Beaver Lake where The Lakeview Tavern was hosting  their annual fishing derby. Beaver Lake is a popular spot for fishing, with several huts planted there for the season every year. Pike and pickerel are the fish most often caught here. I would be interested in foraging for these – from my lawn chair.

Before I start, I will need to acquire the following:

a fishing rod

some kind of saw for cutting a hole in the ice


I interviewed two very kind men who were willing to break the silence by answering my questions. They had several holes and rods, and a lot of patience –  for fishing, I mean. I can understand the need for a hut on cold days like the ones we have been experiencing. This one looked very cozy.



If the season just holds out long enough for me to get my gear together, I will join the fishing ranks this season.

Here is one of the successful participants in the derby with his catch.


Fisherman Pat Lyman holding his catch of pickerel

Meanwhile, I do buy local fish when I can, and will post a recipe on cooking pickerel as soon as I get my next lot, by hook or by other method.


Author: Hilda

I am a backyard forager who likes to share recipes using the wild edibles of our area.

One thought on “Shut up and Fish

  1. Oh the memories you brought back for me…ice fishing with my Dad in northern Michigan! Good luck if you participate & dress warm…brrr 🙂


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